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Thank you for partnering with us to bring thousands of visitors and exhibitors to South Georgia in support of the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

A recent University of Georgia study shows that the total economic output in a 20-county region attributable to the Expo is $14.1 million, with an income of $4.7 million being generated for employees and proprietors in the region.

Expo attracts visitors from an average distance of 145 miles who average 1.47 days in attendance. Exhibitors travel an average of 550 miles to Moultrie and average 3.68 days at the Expo. Accommodations and services for these attendees involve businesses in Moultrie and in the surrounding region of 20 counties.

Of those attending the Expo, 20.7 percent stayed in hotels and motels within 50 miles of Moultrie, averaging 2.12 nights of lodging. For exhibitors, [mkdf_highlight background_color=”#ffcc00″ color=”#000000″]68.5 percent stayed in hotels and motels for an average of 4.58 nights[/mkdf_highlight]. With exhibitors averaging 3.68 days at the Expo, survey results indicate that some exhibitors are in the Moultrie area before and/or after the event.

Please fill out the following information on your property.  Once your information has been received, you will receive an invoice shortly.  Once payment has been received, your property will be added to our website. We had over 600,000 “hits” on our website last year and are constantly giving out our web address to visitors and exhibitors.

Listings will remain on the website through June of each year.

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