Oct. 17-19, 2017. Tickets: $10 – 8:30-5 Tu,We – 8:30-4 Th
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Special Air Traffic Procedures

Private and charter planes can land on an FAA-controlled hard surface 4,500 foot runway at Spence Field.

Due to the heavy volume of air traffic generated by the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition, the Federal Aviation Administration will provide temporary Air Traffic Control services at the airport and shall use the following procedures to maintain a safe, orderly flow of air traffic at Spence Field, Moultrie, Georgia.

There will be many different types of aircraft operating into and out of Spence Field during the Expo.  All aircraft must meet the communication requirements listed in FAR 91 for operations in the vicinity of an operating control tower. Pilots are encouraged to keep transmissions to a minimum and listen to the ATIS. Be alert for a high volume of aircraft in the vicinity of Spence Field during the exposition.

Control Tower: The Spence Air Traffic Control Tower (temporary) will operate ten hours per day during the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition. The hours of operation will be 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM EDT.

ATIS – 119.25
TOWER – 127.4

FBO Services at the Sunbelt Expo

The official on field FBO for the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition is Eagles of America, Inc. They are based at Moultrie Municipal Airport (KMGR) and will be providing temporary FBO services at Moultrie Spence (KMUL).

Eagles of America, Inc. is part of the Phillips Aviation FBO network. See our latest guaranteed fuel prices and available services at: www.airnav.com/airport/kmgr

The following services are proudly provided for all those flying into the Expo:

  • Great fuel prices: 100LL and Jet A
  • Free shuttle service to/from Moultrie Municipal (KMGR).
  • Pilot Lounge with complimentary refreshments
  • Weather computer
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • High-speed internet access
  • Pilot supplies
  • Maintenance services
  • Parking/ramp assistance
  • Southern hospitality & unmatched service

If you have any questions, please call toll free 1-866- FLY-EAGL (359-3245), or 229-890-9464. You can also email contact@eaglesfbo.com.

Approach Control: Valdosta Approach Control will provide Approach Control Service for arriving and departing IFR aircraft and VFR aircraft requesting traffic advisories on frequency 132.375

AFSS: MCN AFSS is available on 121.1R and receive over MGR VOR or frequency 122.35. Weather briefing and flight planning service will be provided by Macon Automated Flight Service Station by calling the toll free telephone number (1-800-WX-BRIEF).

VFR Arrivals: VFR aircraft inbound to Spence Field should keep their transmissions to ATC to a minimum, only reporting call sign, type aircraft, and position. All inbound aircraft should monitor the arrival ATIS for wind, altimeter, and arrival information. Aircraft requesting VFR traffic advisories to Spence Field should contact Valdosta Approach Control on frequency 132.375

VFR arrivals from the southwest or south should proceed to MGR VOR and maintain at or above 1800 feet MSL (to remain clear of the traffic pattern at Moultrie Airport), then contact Spence Tower. VFR arrivals from the northwest, north, and the east shall contact Spence Tower 5 miles from the airport. Expect to enter a RIGHT downwind runway 32 or LEFT downwind runway 14, unless otherwise instructed by the tower.

Aircraft SHALL NOT over fly the Exposition below an altitude of 1300 feet MSL.
The traffic pattern altitude for Spence Airport is 1300 feet MSL.
Arrival aircraft landing on runway 32 shall make RIGHT TRAFFIC and aircraft landing on runway 14 shall make LEFT TRAFFIC.

IFR Arrivals: When weather conditions require instrument approaches, the IAP’s for MGR Airport are the most expeditious. There are NO published IAP’s for Spence Airport. After canceling IFR with Valdosta Approach, pilots may continue to Spence Airport VFR if weather conditions permit. CAUTION! Be alert for a high volume of high performance and other types of traffic in the vicinity of Spence Airport. Expect possible delays due to traffic volume. All flight crews are encouraged to be familiar with the VFR arrival procedures for Spence Airport.

VFR Departures: The ATIS (frequency 119.25) will contain runway and taxi information. VFR departures will taxi to the red or blue barrels (red barrels intersection departure), for departure and monitor ground control (frequency 121.6), and hold short of the runway. The number one aircraft inline will call the tower (frequency 127.4) and advise the tower direction of flight. All other aircraft should monitor ground control until they are number one in line.

IFR Departures: Pilots should file flight plans a minimum of one-hour before the proposed departure time. If weather conditions permit, pilots should request IFR clearances after they are airborne with Valdosta Departure Control (frequency 132.375). Spence Ground control (frequency 121.6) will issue IFR clearances on request and pilots should expect departure delays. All aircraft can expect and initial maximum altitude of 7000 feet until clear of Moody1 MOA.