On-site Transportation & Conveniences

Comfort Station is provided courtesy of Farm Credit, and is available for visitors to take a rest break. It is located at their building at B-9.

First-Aid Station is available at the International Business Center, located on the east side of the Expo Headquarters Building.

Convenience Carts: These golf carts, sponsored in part by Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, inside the exhibit area, marked “How May I Help You,” will run a U-shaped route through the exhibit area. Guests can board carts on the south end of Block B-9 (between the Farm Credit Building and Chandler Equipment) or the northeast side of E-8 (between the Cattle Pavilion and the restroom). Guests can also board carts on the north side of D-2 (Case IH) and on the northwest side A-1-2 (between John Deere and Kubota). There will be tall, red “Shuttle” flags at the stops.

Simplot Sunbelt Shuttle: This tram will travel the grounds with multiple pick-ups and drop-off locations. See the route listed above under “Convenience Carts” for specific locations. There will be tall, white “Shuttle” flags at the stops.