Who, What When?

Field Day is once a year and it’s on Thursday July 23, 2020

Everyone is invited!

It’s a half-day packed full of ag technology, and the latest equipment and techniques for successful farming in the southeast!


  • Arrive on the grounds using GATE 2 between 8:00 am and 9:00 am to begin the tour.
  • Follow the directional signs to arrive at the red tent where you will:
    • Receive a Welcome Bag including snacks
    • Register for CCA Credits
    • Begin the Tour
  • Drive-thru the tour path while viewing pre-recorded segments featuring university researchers and company vendors. Choose to pull aside to further investigate plots that particularly spark your interest.


Tips for a Successful Tour:

  • Bring a friend with you to experience the event.
  • Be sure to have a smart phone or tablet with you to view the research videos during the tour. Videos will be accessible using the Official Sunbelt Ag Expo app, web site, or YouTube channel.
  • Connect your device to your vehicle bluetooth before you arrive.
    Plan to chat with researchers and vendors at plots that specifically interest you.


2020 Field Day Poster