2024 Field Days: Stop 19 – Simplot

Contact: Justin McCoy, [email protected]

Simplot Grower Solutions is an American-owned, family-run company honored to be participating in this years Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. Currently we have over 240 locations across North America and are proud to service growers across the Southeast. We pride ourselves in providing the best agronomic solutions in the market to our growers. This season in our plots, we look to showcase some of our Innvictis portfolio products that we believe have an agronomic fit in this area. Innvictis is a portfolio of seed, crop care, bioscience, and organic advancements exclusive to Simplot Grower Solutions. This season we wanted to showcase two new corn hybrids that have shown excellent potential in southeast Georgia. 

Beginning with Innvictis seed A1689T, this is a 116 day semi-flex hybrid that has shown excellent standability in the field. A1689T can be placed across a range of environments and brings yield potential and stability to both irrigated and non-irrigated acres. Second we have Innvictis seed A1993T, a 119 day semi-flex hybrid with high yield potential and good disease tolerance. This hybrid is a robust plant that has shown excellent top-end potential on irrigated acres, A1993T performs exceptionally well in high population, high potential environments, but also offers dual-purpose appeal throughout the southeast as a full-season hybrid. 

To achieve maximum agronomic potential of these hybrids we next set out to provide full-season fertility and nutrient availability through the use of Innvictis BioScience products. This began with the use of a low-salt, orthophosphate starter fertilizer, Captivate EDTA (10-20-5-1S-0.43Zn). Captivate was designed to be a premier starter fertilizer in corn by providing immediately available phosphorus coupled with both sulfur and zinc to maximize early season growth while maintaining in-furrow safety. The use of a starter fertilizer with corn has shown excellent agronomic performance by both increasing yields and accelerating corn maturity leading to earlier harvests. 

Lastly, Innvictis is proud to introduce Revv-uP. Revv-uP is a spore-form microbial product containing two bioactives that improve the solubilization of Phosphorus into plant-available forms and release soil bound nutrients. The use of Revv-uP allows for an increase in phosphorus cycling, thus providing available soil phosphorus to the plant as it needs it throughout the growing season. To find out more about Innvictis and Simplot, a grower can connect with their local Simplot Grower Solutions location, or go to Innvictis.com.