2024 Field Days: Stop 7 – Helena

Contact: Eli Croley, [email protected] or Heath Herndon,  [email protected]

*This plot does not have a video.

The plan for the plot is to track potassium levels in the plant throughout the year utilizing our Extractor Tissue sampling program. In over 5000 tissue samples collected across the southeast, we have found potassium to be low/deficient in 68% of tissue samples pulled in cotton. The results we are looking for are to maintain sufficient or higher potassium levels throughout the year while maximizing yield and ROI.

  • Planted Delta Pine 2333 May 30th, 2024
  • 24 rows of the Grower Standard with 6 rows of buffer compared to 24 rows of Helena Acre.
  • Used Quickshot, nutritional graphite talc at planting
  • Apply 32oz/ac K-Leaf Versa, 0-0-29 doubles as VRA, with herbicide application
  • Apply 2gal/ac of Nucleus 0-0-15, liquid potassium, at liquid side-dress 
  • Apply 8oz/ac of Utilize, plant extracts that increase fruit production, at the first week of bloom then a second 8oz application 10-14 days later.
  • Apply 1gal/ac Coron Metra 10, 10-0-10 slow-release nitrogen, mid bloom then apply another gallon 10-14 days later.


For more info about the plot, contact Eli Croley at [email protected] or Heath Herndon at [email protected]. Visit www.helenaagri.com to find your local Helena Retail location or to find out more about Helena’s Products and Services.