Now that we are a couple of weeks into the spring season, land prep has begun at the Darrell Williams Research farm. The warm weather and the aroma of freshly turned dirt have us excited for what’s to come with the 2023 growing season. 

The land has been turned to get the dirt ready for the peanuts.  After harrowing, spreading lime, spreading fertilizer, and bedding, the corn went in the ground last week. At the end of April, it will be about time for sorghum and peanuts to be planted, with cotton following in May. 

This will be the 46th year that the team has been leading industry research conducted by agricultural company researchers and University of Georgia agronomists at the 530-acre farm here at the Sunbelt Ag Expo. Throughout the spring season, there will be many updates to come about the crops and studies going on at the farm.

Plan to visit the Research Farm to learn firsthand about the latest technology on trial in the fields July 20th!

Sunbelt Ag Expo It's Planting Season at the Research Farm