The largest research area on the Darrell Williams Research Farm located at the Sunbelt Ag Expo is the UGA Forage Bermudagrass Variety “Garden.”  Dr. Dennis Hancock, former UGA Forage Specialist, worked with the Sunbelt Farm Crew to establish the plot over five years ago.

For the past three years, an extensive stem maggot study has been carried out.  In looking at the different varieties, research showed a noticeable difference throughout the six varieties.  Through the use of best practice applications including fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides, the production of high quality hay in the plot has doubled over the last five years.   Current UGA Forage Specialist, Dr. Lisa Baxter, has worked for many years to manage the continued, increased yield of the variety garden.  Kubota Manufacturing Company provides all necessary tools to harvest the hay.

At the Expo’s Annual Field Day in July, plan to visit with Dr. Baxter to see distinguishable differences amongst the varieties.  Discuss a plan for your forages to optimize production throughout the growing season.  During the Sunbelt Ag Expo held in October, the hay demonstration area is the largest attraction for farmers attending the show.  Over ten different companies are in the field running cutters, tedders, rakes, and balers (round and square).

If you are ever in the need for exceptional hay, reach out to the Sunbelt Ag Expo to purchase direct from our Research Farm.  We look forward to visiting with you about the hay research during Field Day on July 22 and about hay equipment during this year’s Expo, October 19-21.