2024 Field Days: Stop 14 – Americot, Inc.

Contact: Justin Goodman, [email protected], or Adam Anderson, [email protected]

NG 5430 B3XF – New Release! Americot is very excited about this variety in 24 and 25 growing season; not only for its high yield potential but being able to put forth a variety that is OUR own germ plasm means a lot to the Americot NexGen team! This variety is a Georgia variety. While it does have an aggressive growth type and large plant architecture it can be managed with PGR. We recommended applications early and often to avoid late season growth. This is a FULL season cotton! NG 5430 is adaptive across all soil types and irrigation situations. 

NG 4414 B3XF – Another Georgia variety for us. Well adapted across many soil types but more suited for irrigated situations. Like the NG 5430 this variety needs to be managed early and often. Not seeing the need to hit as hard but more so a well timed application. Pre bloom PGR applications will be necessary with rain. Maturity with the NG 4414 B3XF is a medium to full season. 

NG 4405 B3TXF – Another great mid to full season variety for Americot. Not only does this variety boast a high yield potential and great fiber quality it also processes ThryvOn technology! A great tool to add to our growers tool box. This variety is well adapted across GA soils and can be managed with PGR fairly easy. Larger plant type for a ThryvOn variety but responds well to PGR. 

Experimental varieties – AMX 002 B3TXF is a medium to full maturity, ThryvOn technology experimental line with high yield potential. Tall plant architecture and is an aggressive line. Responds well to PGR. Slightly longer than NG 4190 in maturity. This variety will make a large stalk on all soil types.

AMX 172 B3TXF is an early to medium maturity, ThryvOn tech experimental line for Americot that possesses very high yield potential along with excellent fiber quality. It produces a medium plant height with a wide canopy. This variety is similar in maturity with our shorter season NG 3195. This variety is boat adaptive but well suited for an irrigated environment. This variety is responsive to PGR and resistant to Root Knot nematodes!