2024 Field Days: Stop 9 – UGA Forage Team – Baxter

Contact: Dr. Lisa Baxter, [email protected], www.georgiaforages.com

The Sunbelt Ag Expo’s Darrell Williams Research Farm continues to provide an exceptional opportunity to highlight forage research in South Georgia by providing an outdoor classroom for County Extension Agent in-service trainings, producer field days, and collaborative industry events. The 2-acre bermudagrass garden provides a field-scale comparison of the six most popular bermudagrass varieties in the Southeast. Here producers can interact with and evaluate these different varieties before selecting the best option for their own farm. This area is also used for large-plot research trials to better simulate the yield impact of the treatments that would be observed on-farm. This area has previously been used for large scale bermudagrass stem maggot and fertilizer research but is currently investigating the effects of spring applications of indaziflam and glyphosate on bermudagrass production. Herbicide treatments included: Indaziflam (PRE; Rezilon, Bayer Crop Science, Whippany, NJ) at 0.044 kg ai ha-1; Glyphosate (POST; Roundup Pro Concentrate, Monsanto Company, St. Louis, MO) at 0.52 kg ai ha-1; and Indaziflam at 0.044 kg ai ha-1 + Glyphosate at 0.52 kg ai ha-1 (PRE+POST). Each treatment was applied in January, February, and March. Treatment combinations were randomly assigned to split plots within each replicate for 54 total treatment combinations. Data is currently being collected and preliminary results will be available in fall 2024. For more forage information, please visit our website. Follow along with us (Georgia Forges and Lego Forage Specialist) on social media for timely research updates and important Extension recommendations.