Last Friday was National Gardening Day and we felt inspired to talk about our Backyard Garden Exhibit which has had a permanent spot on our grounds since 2015. Since then, the exhibit has become a popular and influential exhibit by helping to teach attendees easy and fun ways to grow fruits and vegetables in their own backyard.

In 2019, Flint River Fresh began working with the Backyard Gardening Exhibit which allowed for the exhibit to feature live demonstrations of how to grow and tend a garden while offering hands-on experiences. With raised garden beds, in-ground garden plots, and fruit trees, visitors are introduced to gardening and are encouraged to take what they learn back to their communities and implement it. 

The goal of Flint River Fresh and the Backyard Garden exhibit to share gardening with the next generation of agriculturalists. They understand not everyone lives in an area with plenty of room to grow gardens which is why last year they showcased their container gardening exhibit. This exhibit helped demonstrate how using different types of containers can be used for planting, so those located in more urban areas have a way to utilize their space and still grow a successful garden. 

This October you will have the opportunity to see our beautiful Backyard Garden Exhibit and visit with the staff from Flint River Fresh. Go ahead and start planning your visit now to come see backyard gardening at its finest!

Sunbelt Ag Expo National Gardening Day Backyard Garden