Peanut Butter Sunbelt Ag ExpoAre you a smooth or chunky fan?  Do you eat peanut butter plain or do you prefer it as a garnish? No matter how you enjoy peanut butter, celebrate today with your favorite treat as today is National Peanut Butter Day!

While nearly three-quarters of people prefer smooth peanut butter as opposed to chunky, the snack starts all the same – as a peanut. Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina produce over 75% of all peanuts grown in the United States. Georgia, specifically, is known for peanut production. The sandy soils and subtropical climate are ideal for producing high-quality peanuts and large yield rates. Production in the state is concentrated in the Coastal Plain Region, the area south of the fall line, running from Columbus through Macon to Augusta. At the Sunbelt Ag Expo, we celebrate peanuts during the show and all year working with researchers as they continue to determine best practices for growing the crop.

Peanuts are good for you, too! They contain 26 percent protein and are considered a healthy fat source. Peanuts are cholesterol free and are low in saturated fat.   

Today, enjoy a peanut butter treat! When visiting the Expo in October, be sure to visit the Georgia Peanut Commission building as they educate about and celebrate peanuts every day.