Georgia is one of the top-ranking states in many sectors of agriculture, but many cities are facing urbanization. Since 2015, the Backyard Garden exhibit has become a staple at the Expo. This exhibit focuses on showing how to easily grow and harvest fruits and vegetables within the comfort of your own backyard, whether it be in an urban or rural area. 

Flint River Fresh was founded by Fredando “Farmer Fredo” Jackson and they have been utilizing the Backyard Garden space since 2019. They are a nonprofit based out of Albany, GA,  that was founded in 2016. Flint River Fresh’s mission is to, “ensure fresh, locally grown food is easily accessible, to provide spaces that empower and allow young people to become leaders in agriculture, and provide new economic opportunities for small-scale farmers.”

Farmer Fredo says this year’s concept is based on urban and community farming, as well as assisting to save Georgia’s pollinators. Flint River Fresh has partnered with Southwest Georgia Beekeepers to set up an exhibit that is focused on pollinators. The exhibit will have native and annual plants, and educational material on pollinators found in Georgia. There will be urban beekeeping information, honey-tasting sessions, and cooking demonstrations.

The Backyard Garden exhibit will have a showcase on urban or small-scale farming and resources with how to easily harvest and manage plots up to one and half acres, within an urban area. Farmer Fredo plans to have a drip irrigation system, smaller equipment designed for backyards, wooden raised boxes, and other helpful farming tips on display. There will also be a demonstration on how to properly can and preserve different fruits and vegetables.

Flint River Fresh is dedicated to using community gardens as an educational tool to teach residents how to grow their own groceries, and provide an outdoor classroom for students. They want to provide enough knowledge on urban farming so communities can transform vacant lots into small gardens to provide fresh, easily accessible food. The Backyard Garden will have resources on growing different types of fruits and vegetables as well as resources for beginner gardeners and farmers.

Visit Farmer Fredo and his team at the Backyard Garden to learn about protecting pollinators, how to preserve fruits and vegetables, and making a difference in your community with urban agriculture.

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