The beef industry is advancing every day and there are many new inventions under the Beef Barn (also known as the Beef Pavillion). The beef barn is designed to hold many different experts and professionals in the cattle industry. Within this fast-paced industry, the Expo prepares all aspects and inventions from the Beef industry. Jason King, Sales Rep for Priefert Ranch Equipment, said “If you’re in the beef market there are lots of people there to answer questions for you and visit with you about beef cattle. There is a lot of knowledge under that rooftop.”

Multiple extension agents, speakers, and knowledgeable people in the industry will speak on livestock, livestock tools, preparing for incoming herds, and even giving advice for the new beginners in the beef industry. Most seminars will be geared toward beginners in the beef industry. Jason King said, “Under the Beef Barn you will be able to find multiple extension agents ready to teach you the importance of cattle just on the north side of the pavilion.”

Vendors range from livestock sales to livestock vaccines. Surrounding the Beef Barn you will find livestock handling equipment vendors. These vendors have multiple cattle handling equipment ranging from chutes to fence panels and feeders. Within these equipment pieces, you will find vendor partners showing you the strategies and ways to use each individual item through seminars and demonstrations. Throughout the week you will be able to experience different vendor demos showcasing their new modifications. Each showcase is geared to either beginners or progressive methods.

While in the Beef Barn, stop in at the Priefert booth. In the booth, there are experiences with hands-on demos of cattle handling equipment with live herds. Most importantly, the experts within Priefert will provide excellent knowledge of the beef industry and the new equipment evolving.

Each day of the Expo, you will be able to experience the All-American Chute Out. This event is a live demonstration of cattle being pushed through chutes. There are many different brands of chutes that will be used in the demo. Each brand of chute has a representative from the company to demonstrate the chute.

On the opening morning of the Sunbelt Ag Expo you can encounter the Southeastern Hay Contest. A hay contest where any hay producer across the southeastern region can have their hay showcased. Among the showcasing, the hay will be judged for quality and baleage.

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