While the benefits of the agricultural community feed the world, the farmer is still misunderstood. However, Highland Precision Ag (HPA) is here to help bridge the gap between producer and consumer. HPA President and Founder, Steve Maxwell, had a vision to keep the farmer happy. So many people are disconnected from the world of agriculture. Maxwell, a native of Cairo, GA, has created HPA in order to connect the farmer with ways to produce a higher yield at the most functional level with five core points. Highland Precision will be first time exhibitors at this year’s Sunbelt Agricultural Expo. The newest agricultural technology is always brought to a central location at Sunbelt, so stop by the HPA exhibit to discuss this technology one on one.

HPA strives to keep its five core points of utmost importance: Lab Services, Imagery and Analytics, Regulatory Services, Marketing Services and finally where it all ties together in Highland Hub. Highland Hub is completely customizable, allowing you to pick the services and analytics that you need and placing your workload into one virtual space. From weekly images and analytics of crops, to virtual scouting reports, log books, FMPs and record keeping, Highland Hub provides a time-saving online solution. Basically, everything that we do is tied in the Highland Hub. Although the marketing will not be in this initial phase, we hope to eventually incorporate it into the software system.

Their imagery and analysis focuses on three key components: Crop Counting a powerful tool that provides an estimate of the number of crops in your field; Rate of Change, a virtual scouting tool that monitors plant vigor over time analyzing crops and detecting stress; and Hotspot Analysis, a pinpointing tool that detects patterns of stress in your crop. While we take images, we also provide information about the data to the farmers so they can make decisions.

HPA has designed a turn-key lab that provides rapid and reliable analytical support to farmers, agronomists, and allied sectors of the agricultural industry. Services include soil analysis, plant tissue analysis, water analysis, nematode assay, disease diagnostic, and herbicide/pesticide residue. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, most samples can be turned around within 48-72 hours. Results will be available quickly and recommendations are provided with sample reports through our software.

Highland Precision Ag eliminates the need to spend hours sifting through paperwork, making phone calls and finding solutions to often complex rules, regulations and policies. As your point of contact, we will assist in meeting local, state and federal regulations through our Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Program (RCMP). Our RCMP is a risk-avoidance strategy, encouraging you and your team to contact HPA with questions on regulatory matters that might help avoid future compliance issues.

Moving your product from the farm to the consumer can be challenging. That’s why it is vital to make sure you effectively communicate with those that buy your product. Having a well structured website and strong presence on social media is key. Our marketing services include web design, social media planning, product photography, and video production, that will help you navigate through the constantly changing world of agricultural marketing.

Highland Precision Ag pulls it all together with one simple easy to use tool. Communication through your website and social website enables the farmer to connect with consumers to educate the world from the producers’ point of view. Precision Agriculture is managing each crop production input on a site specific basis. This allows the reduction of waste, increase in profits, maintenance of the quality of the environment, all while marketing to the customers. Highland Precision Ag keeps the farmer first.