While the staff runs the day to day operations at the office, it’s no secret that it takes a multitude of volunteers and organizations to pull off North America’s Premier Farm Show, the Sunbelt Ag Expo.  

One of the groups responsible for making the decisions for the show is the Executive Board.  This group meets quarterly to review past shows, make decisions for upcoming Expo events, and keep the organization on track regarding fiscal responsibility and operation of the research farm.  Made up of individuals from across the southeast serving in different capacities within their respective fields of study, each member of the board is a vital part to the future advancements of the Expo.  Over the next several months, we look forward to featuring the board members so that you may learn about just how they impact the Expo and how the Expo impacts them.  

To learn who makes up the Executive Board, visit https://sunbeltexpo.com/contact/executive-board/.  We look forward to introducing them to you soon!