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The new John Deere CS770 Cotton Stripper and CP770 Cotton Picker help farmers harvest every pound of seed cotton possible while preserving cotton quality.

OLATHE, Kan. (Aug. 2, 2021) – John Deere has introduced two new cotton harvesters – the CP770 Cotton Picker and CS770 Stripper. These machines can help farmers harvest every pound of seed cotton possible while preserving cotton quality from the field to the gin floor. The CP770 and CS770 are the most productive cotton harvesters ever built by John Deere.

‘These cotton harvesters are mostly all-new from the ground-up and represent a strong platform John Deere should be able to utilize for many years,” Christopher Murray, John Deere product marketing manager said. “An all-new mainframe provides a solid foundation for each machine and includes an all-new cab and power module. John Deere also increased the size of the new round module builders on the picker and stripper, making it possible to harvest more acres per hour.”

The CP770 is ideal for large to extra-large farmers and custom cotton harvesters who need to harvest the maximum number of acres per hour possible. When compared to its CP690 predecessor the CP770 can reduce harvesting costs by up to $1.50 per bale through reduced wrap, fuel, labor, and hauling costs.

John Deere was first to market with its exclusive round module builder that revolutionized the way cotton is harvested and transported from the field to the gin. As the third-generation round module harvester, the CP770 carries on the field-proven tradition of its predecessors while featuring a new round module builder capable of making modules 2% larger and 5% more dense. Once the cotton is collected, the CP770 wraps and ejects the module in just over 30 seconds, providing the ultimate experience in non-stop cotton harvesting.

Part of the CP770’s increase in harvesting productivity can be attributed to the all-new John Deere PRO16 HS Row Unit fitted with high-speed stalk lifters and ultra-fast cotton-grabbing spindles.

Operators who work long days harvesting will benefit from the all-day comfort of the CP770’s new best-in-class cab. The cab is noticeably larger, quieter and more comfortable than previous cabs, and provides operators with outstanding visibility to all the right places thanks to strategically placed cameras, mirrors and lighting.

To document and capture harvesting data and for traceability purposes, John Deere offers best-in-class, integrated technology for the CP770 and the CS770 by equipping each with a Generation 4 Display. JDLink™ Connectivity is also included at no additional charge, making it easy for famers to connect to their machines while enabling automatic data flow between their equipment and the John Deere Operations Center.

“Cotton is one of the only crops that can be fully traced from where it came from in a given field, through the gin, to the mill. Exclusive John Deere Harvest Identification Cotton Pro technology makes this possible,” Murray said. “Although the industry does not yet mandate this level of traceability, it’s likely to become common in the future and both the CP770 and CS770 are fully prepared to meet those needs.”

Field-proven TamaWrap+™ provides 360 degrees of coverage to protect and conserve fiber quality and prevent degradation from the field to the gin.

A new John Deere 13.6 L PowerTech™ engine and hydraulic power module improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% for the CP770 and up to 15% for the CS770, while reducing maintenance requirements and costs. When combined with the updated crop handling components, these systems work together to help farmers harvest more pounds of cotton per hour at faster speeds than previous models.

The John Deere CS770 Cotton Stripper provides a 2-point increase in turnout with its new field cleaner and packs up to 5% more cotton into a module while harvesting up to 10 more acres per hour than previous models.

“The CS770 delivers increased turnout, maximum uptime, improved wrap economy and most importantly, optimal productivity during harvest,” Murray said.

When equipped with the new SH12F – 12-row folding header, the CS770 is up to 48% more productive in harvesting dryland cotton compared to the CS690 8-row harvester. “This productivity increase helps customers harvest up to 100 more acres per day in a 10-hour day than they previously could with prior 8-row strippers,” Murray said. “These new 770s with their integrated technology raise the bar yet again in cotton harvesting while demonstrating our continued commitment to the cotton industry.”

For more information about the CP770 or CS770, visit the John Deere website, or your local John Deere Dealer.

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