Sunbelt Ag Expo 2022 Photo 1

Exceptional Weather Expected for the 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo

By Bryce Roland, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

South Georgia weather can be unpredictable. It is not uncommon to wake up with winter weather, then by the middle of the day, we may experience spring or summer. And, finally, finish the evening with fall temperatures. Those of us who have visited the Sunbelt Ag Expo in the past know that we can either experience scorching heat, rain, or the occasional cold. Attendees this week are in for a real treat! Visitors can expect highs in the mid to upper 60s with sunny skies. Mornings will be a bit chilly with temperatures briefly reaching down into the high 30s. The Sunbelt Ag Expo is always the highlight of my year and with the addition of beautiful weather, this year’s show should be one to remember! We are looking forward to beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and comfortable temperatures! See you all soon!



Sunbelt Ag Expo Preview Photo RW Griffin

Excitement Around Youth Opportunities at the Expo

By Lizzy Parks, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

Happy #SunbeltAgExpo week! I’m excited to see students fill the seats of the R.W. Griffin building. I attended the Expo as a student, and my younger brother will be participating in the Youth Educational Activities this year. The students take tests on various agricultural subjects. Beyond the tests, the Expo offers so many opportunities for students to learn about the agricultural industry – from dairy to aquaponics. This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare the next generation of agriculturalists. Plus, I can’t wait to eat some good food and see some good people. In my eyes, there is no better way to spend mid-October! 

Sunbelt Ag Expo Preview PhotoStock Dog

Sights of Stock Dogs in Action

By Darby Masters, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

It’s that time of year! Our vendors, colleges, and exhibits are beginning to set up, marking the beginning of the 44th Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo. This year, I am most excited to watch Tuesday’s 2022 American Stock Dog Grand Finals. One of my favorite memories when coming to the Sunbelt Ag Expo when I was younger was watching the handlers and their dogs work together to herd the livestock. It is easy to enjoy the trials when seeing the bond between the handlers and their dogs. The stock dogs competing in this event will demonstrate their ability to listen to their handler’s cues and herd the sheep efficiently. There is always a fun crowd at the Stock Dog Grand Finals, so be sure to join us for this event!

Sunbelt Ag Expo Preview Photo Peanut

Frying Up PB and J’s – A Sunbelt Tradition

By Maddie Frost, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

I have been most excited for a fine, southern delicacy provided by the Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC). You better come to the Sunbelt Ag Expo with an empty stomach because you are going to want to eat multiple of the Georgia Peanut Commission’s fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are a popular topic around the grounds. They are cooked right here on site for all exhibitors to enjoy. The warm gooey peanut butter mixed with the crunch of the fried bread makes for a meal no one will want to miss. Our friend, Don Koehler, executive director of the GPC, takes pride in his skills on the grill and looks forward to sharing them with you.

Sunbelt Ag Expo Preview Photo Connections

Connections for Lifetime

By Rylee Grazulis, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

As a first-year intern, I look forward to making career connections at this year’s Sunbelt Ag Expo. Located straight ahead of the water tower you can find the Agribusiness buildings. These buildings will offer a wide range of companies from multiple branches in the agriculture industry that offer career, intern, and networking opportunities. The Sunbelt Ag Expo is North America’s Premier Farm Show, meaning endless connection opportunities exist. Remember to keep an open mind, start a conversation, and get involved at this year’s Expo. As you are planning for the show, make sure to schedule your visit to be better prepared to make it to all of your favorite vendors, booths, and events.

Sunbelt Ag Expo Preview Photo Demos

Demonstrations Across Multiple Knowledge Areas

By Bridget Dixon, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

Welcome Back!

With the expo gearing back up, guests can expect a fun and educational experience while attending. One of my favorite things about the expo are the demonstrations in multiple areas within the agricultural field. Whether you’re well-versed in the agriculture industry or just starting, these demonstrations are for everyone at the expo to enjoy. With the latest and greatest technology, every demonstration attendee will walk away with a new piece of knowledge.

Check out a variety of demonstrations happening every day at the expo! These demonstrations can be scheduled in the Sunbelt Ag Expo Official Program.