With Georgia being the number one state in broiler poultry production, it comes as no surprise that the poultry barn is quite the happening place. Whether you are a commercial grower or have a backyard flock of ten birds, you are destined to learn practical information to better your operation. Each day of the Sunbelt Expo, at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm, the poultry barn will be hosting a seminar for producers.

This year, the target audience is small flock producers. UGA Extension Poultry Scientist Dr. Claudia Dunkley will be discussing the entire process of laying an egg. She will also be hosting a seminar aimed at backyard flock owners, focused on the importance of biosecurity which ensures protection for flocks of all sizes. “My favorite part of Expo would be the one-on-one interactions with small flock producers about ways to improve their operation,” says Dunkley. She is looking forward to answering lots of questions about Georgia’s top commodity.

Dr. Sean Chen, Extension Poultry Nutritionist from UGA, will continue the seminars by speaking on small flock nutrition. Dr. Brain Kiepper, UGA Associate Professor, will host a seminar on processing birds for meat. In conjunction with UGA, Dr. Emily Pitman from the Georgia Poultry Lab Network in Tifton, Georgia will be discussing diseases including avian influenza and commercial and small flock producers can identify infected birds.

The Georgia Poultry Lab Network (GPLN) is located in Gainesville, Georgia, with satellite labs in Forsyth and Tifton, where commercial and small flock poultry producers can get birds tested. The GPLN will be set up at the poultry barn so producers can speak with veterinarians and technicians. Georgia Poultry Supplies will be set up as well, having display equipment such as feeders, waterers, and much more. Producers can speak with Georgia Poultry Supplies to learn equipment options that will best fit their flock.

For a complete list of events occurring in the poultry barn, see the Schedule of Events at the front of the Show Program.

2023 Sunbelt Ag Expo Poultry Seminars