Dairy farming is one of the most important and essential industries in the United States. Not only do dairy farmers provide us with delicious and nutritious products, but they contribute billions of dollars to the economy each year. This year, the Expo will be highlighting several different organizations from the dairy industry, all gathered in the Dairy Pavilion. From ice cream to live milking demonstrations, visitors will find plenty of things to enjoy.

The Dairy Alliance is a non-profit organization fully funded by dairy farming families. Their mission is to advocate for dairy products and the industry while providing support to dairy farmers in the Southeast. The organization will have coloring books, recipe books, and nutritional information at their exhibit, as well as fresh ice cream and milk.

The Georgia Mobile Dairy classroom will also be present at the Pavilion. The mobile classroom is fully funded by Georgia dairy farmers who noticed a lack of dairy education in the state. Program coordinator Nicole DuVall expressed that the classroom is a fun opportunity to allow children and adults to better understand where milk comes from, and all the nutritional benefits milk provides.

Each day of the expo, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about dairy farming with interactive demonstrations.  These include cow milking contests, a virtual tour of the University of Georgia’s Dairy Farm, and a presentation on raising calves for success. Make plans to visit the Dairy Pavilion during your visit and enjoy fresh dairy products while gaining insight into the industry.

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