If the latest in Agricultural technology is what you are looking for, then the Sunbelt Ag Expo is the place for you. We welcome our faithful visitors and exhibitors, who we missed so dearly in 2020, to the 43rd annual edition of “North America’s Premier Farm Show”­­®, the Sunbelt Ag Expo!

As we celebrate 43 years of service to Agriculture, we salute over 1200 exhibitors that encompass 100 acres of exhibit space and represent over 4,000 different product lines. These exhibitors showcase the latest technology to help Farmers enhance their economic and environmental sustainability.

The Expo’s 600-acre Darrell Williams Research Farm conducts world class agronomic research with Ag scientists from universities and corporate America to test innovations and is a proving ground for many advances in the way we do business. It’s also the location of our daily harvesting and tillage demonstrations during the Expo where manufacturers will operate recently released equipment for cotton, peanuts and hay. The cotton plots will be the place to see the unveiling of the new John Deere CP770 cotton picker. We are honored to show this picker for the first time to the public.

In the static exhibits there are over 300 interactive educational displays and demonstrations. The displays and activities showcase the many ways our exhibitors, agricultural researchers, and educators are helping farmers to continue to produce the safest, most economical, and abundant supply of food, fiber, shelter and energy in the world.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19th, we will cut the ribbon on the Virginia Spotlight State Exhibit. The Virginia Committee has put together a phenomenal exhibit. Join Virginia…where it all began… at the Spotlight State Building on the south end of Block B-6.

We will announce the Swisher Sunbelt Expo/Southeastern Farmer of the Year. It is an honor to celebrate the 31st anniversary of this prestigious program and welcome 10 new farm families into the Farmer of the Year family. We are proud to give these “salt of the earth” families the recognition they so richly deserve.

We do what we do for you – the farmers, consumers, agribusiness community and all involved with Agriculture. So, come and join the fun and fellowship, then leave with a renewed sense of community and confidence in our future as the agricultural leaders of the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Sunbelt Ag Expo and that you will take time to fully experience all that we have to offer. This show program and our website, sunbeltexpo.com, are great resources to help you plan your visit to the Expo.

If you need assistance at any time during your visit, please don’t hesitate to let a staff member know. We are honored for you to attend, and we are glad to have you back. Visit sunbeltexpo.com and our social media channels to keep up with all that is going on this week. We can’t wait to welcome you to the 43rd Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo!