On-site Transportation & Conveniences

Comfort Station is provided courtesy of Farm Credit, and is available for visitors to take a rest break. It is located at their building at B-9.

First-Aid Stations are available at the Farm Press Lounge, located in the center of the exhibit grounds, and at the International Business Center, located on the east side of the Expo Headquarters Building, and west of the John Deere exhibit in front of Spence Field Community Center.

Parking Shuttle: EZeventride will circle parking areas at Gate 1 and will provide courtesy transportation to the Ticket Booth for visitors needing assistance. Look for green-and-blue “Shuttle” flags sponsored by Trinity Trailer for pick-up and drop-off locations.

Convenience Carts: These golf carts inside the exhibit area, marked “How May I Help You,” will run a U-shaped route through the exhibit area. Guests can board carts on the south end of Block B-9 (between the Farm Credit Building and Chandler Equipment) or the north- east side of E-8 (between the Cattle Pavilion and the restroom). Guests can also board carts on the north side of D-2 (Case IH) and on the northwest side A-1-2 (between John Deere and Kubota). There will be tall, red “Shuttle” flags at the stops.

GDA Farm Safety Sunbelt Shuttle: This tram, sponsored by the Georgia Department of Agriculture Farm Safety Division, will travel the grounds with multiple pick-up and drop-off locations. See the route listed above under “Convenience Carts” for specific locations. There will be tall, white “Shuttle” flags at the stops.