Sunbelt ag expo sign

Y’all Come Back Now!

By Bryce Roland, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

There is nothing like the Sunbelt Ag Expo. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who made this week a success. Vendors, staff, and volunteers, thank you for all the hard work during the days, weeks, and months leading up to Expo. To our visitors, thanks for showing up BIG! Visitors are what make the Sunbelt Ag Expo come back year after year. I’m wishing all that traveled to Moultrie for the Expo a safe trip home and we can’t wait to see you next year. Y’all come back now!

Sunbelt ag expo wrap up cotton

That’s a Wrap!

By Lizzy Parks, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

What a week! As the Sunbelt Ag Expo comes to a close, we are so thankful for every visitor, volunteer, and exhibitor that attended the expo this week. I met so many new people from across the southeast, and I ran into so many old friends. I swear the Expo gets better every year, and this year was no exception! Also, a special shoutout to everyone I took pictures of throughout the week. Be sure to keep up with the Sunbelt Ag Expo on social media to see if you get featured!

sunbelt ag expo photography cattle chute

Thank You, Sponsors!

By Darby Masters, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

I want to send a big thank you to Country Financial and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College for sponsoring the 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Interns. The experiences I had this week are unmatched. Not only did I learn so much about the agricultural industry, but I was able to get hands-on experience working with photography, videography, and journalism. Learning which angles to find when trying to capture pictures of livestock, equipment, and crowds was one of the biggest things I will take away from this week. I had no idea how much went into taking a picture of a cattle chute. I am grateful for having the opportunity to expand my skills in a setting full of welcoming staff and vendors. The Sunbelt Ag Expo has a special place in my heart now, and I cannot wait to come back next year. 

sunbelt ag expo john deere

Many, Many Opportunities

By Maddie Frost, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

I have been an Expo attendee for many years, but this year will hold a special place. This was my first year as a social media intern and it is an opportunity I will forever be grateful for. I want to thank Country Financial and ABAC for an opportunity I will never forget. My favorite thing about the Expo is all of the many vendors in the agricultural industry. This week has given me the opportunity to connect with other people in the agricultural industry. I had the chance to speak with vendors such as KMC, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, John Deere, and many others. These connections will now carry on into my career as I am nearing the end of my college career. 


sunbelt ag expo tower

The Perfect Week 

By Rylee Grazulis, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

As a first time intern and Expo attendee, I am so thankful for this experience. The Expo this week has been filled with love and opportunity. Whether it was visiting with a local businesses, watching the antique tractor parade, or the endless live demonstrations there was never a dull moment moment at the Sunbelt Ag Expo. I am already looking forward to next year’s Expo, and I hope you are too!

sunbelt ag expo cattle

See You Soon, Expo

By Bridget Dixon, 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo Intern

As the sun sets on the week of the Expo, I hope everyone has had a wonderful time! My favorite thing about the expo is getting to experience almost every aspect of the Expo. As someone who loves the livestock industry, interacting with all of the industry professionals and talking with them about their work has been one of my favorite parts of the week. Getting to spend time and photograph the animals was just a plus!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their time at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!