BRIDLE UP and trot over to the Priefert Arena to experience an equine extravaganza from all aspects of equine. At the Expo this year, you will be able to watch multiple events including reining, ranch riding, trick riders, and the crowning of a new court of the Sunbelt Ag Expo Rodeo Queens.

Trevor Steed specializes in reined cow horses and ranch horses and is an equine clinician. He shows in multiple associations including the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA), The Gulf Coast Cow Horse Association (GCCHA), the American Ranch Horse Association (ARHA), the Florida Ranch Horse Club (FRHC), and the Georgia Ranch Horse Association (GRHA). Trevor is sponsored by the Georgia Equine Commission.

In addition to his training program, Trevor takes the initiative to work with riders of all ages and levels. From Amateur and Novice Amateur Adults to Youth riders all the way down to the 10 & under Walk/Trot riders. Steed is currently qualified for the 2024 NRCHA World Show to be held in Ft. Worth and as of July 2023, he is currently leading the nation and Region 5 in the Open Division in the ARHA. Trevor had many accomplishments during his time riding equine.

In addition, Maria Bassham of the Youth Field Trial Alliance will be presenting field trial demons featuring the Tennessee Walking Horse. The sport of field trialing is probably one of South Georgia’s best-kept secrets. This sport features horses and dogs working in unison. The competition showcases a bird dog’s ability to effectively find and point coveys of quail. Dog handlers, judges, officials, and a gallery of spectators follow the dogs that run along preselected courses and a large majority of those people ride Tennessee Walking Horses.

The Tennessee Walking Horse is the traditional field trial mount and they are known for their comfortable, four-beat gaits. They have desirable temperaments and endurance which make them the perfect choice for field trials. Join us at the Sunbelt Ag Expo to learn more about these remarkable animals and the roles they play in field trial competitions.

Cindy Wynn, Pageant Coordinator of the Miss Sunbelt Rodeo Queen Pageant and Equine Demo Coordinator,  held the 10th annual Miss Sunbelt Expo Rodeo Queen pageant on August 12th and 13th. Every year, each winner of the Miss Sunbelt Expo advances to compete in the Miss Rodeo USA Pageant held in Oklahoma. The 2023 winner of the Miss Sunbelt Expo is Natalie Ross. Natalie is an 18-year-old daughter of Randy and Anna Ross from Buckhead, GA. In January, she will be representing the Sunbelt Ag Expo in the Miss USA Pageant. Find Natalie around the Sunbelt Ag Expo to congratulate her on her newly earned title as well as good luck in competing at the Miss Rodeo USA Pageant.


2023 Sunbelt Rodeo Queen Pageant Winners:

Teeny Miss Princess – Jenna Claire Harrison

Tiny Miss Princess – Kase Crosby

Little Miss Princess – Ginsie DeWitt

Junior Miss Princess – Katie Neufeld

Miss Spirit of Sunbelt Princess – Kinsley Whitmer

Miss Sunbelt Cowgirl Up Princess – Isabella Cantu

Miss Sunbelt Rodeo Princess – Maddie Mullis

Miss Sunbelt Rodeo Queen – Natalie Ross

2023 Sunbelt Ag Expo Rodeo Queen Equine