Each year in July, the Sunbelt Ag Expo’s Darrell William’s Research Farm hosts Field Day. Field Day is an opportunity for farmers and growers to visit the Research Farm to see firsthand the new varieties and technologies being tested that they can implement into their own operations. This is one of the things that makes the Sunbelt Ag Expo stand out from other farm shows across the country.

One of the companies that has been running trials at the Research Farm is Corteva Agriscience. Last week, they began planting cotton varieties. Their varieties are Enlist varieties, non-Dicamba cotton, giving them a herbicide trait for Liberty, Roundup, and Enlist. This allows for a safe alternative for a herbicide, good pigweed control, and an extremely low volatility product. Here are some of the highlights of the varieties that will be on display this July:

Phytogen 360 

  • Early to mid variety
  • Typically positioned following wheat or following crops because it is a shorter seasoned variety
  • Dryland acre typically

Phytogen 400

  • Consistent high-yielding variety
  • Low growing plant
  • Easy to manage 
  • Very low picks requirement
  • Bushes out, dominate in wide-row situations
  • Creates great opportunity in the shorter season market

Phytogen 411

  • Mid to full variety
  • High yielder
  • Positioned typically in irrigated situations
  • Consistent yielder

Phytogen 545

  • True full-season variety
  • Positioned on extremely sandy soil, or in the flatwoods areas
  • Can withstand a lot of stress
  • A little more aggressive growing plant, so typically more picks management 
  • Dryland and irrigated on a stress acre, but thrives in places that struggled to bring yield averages up consistently

Go ahead and mark your calendars now for the 2023 Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day on July 20th beginning at 8:00 am. Corteva Agriscience and many others will be there ready to talk about the new technology you will want to implement in your operation!

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