Here at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, our valentine is always the ag and natural resources industry. No matter the day, this industry is there to provide for us whether it’s a roof over our heads, food on the table, or a job to do the things we love. In the spirit of today, we are sharing what we love about this industry:

Mandy Walker 

“My favorite thing about agriculture is the passion that the people that appreciate it have and the community and networks that they create because of that passion.”

Alexis Griner

There are many reasons to love the ag and natural resources industry. One of the many reasons I love it is because it is more successful at reducing poverty than any other industry. Continuous innovation and enhancement in the industry can largely reduce poverty in parts of the world where people tend to rely heavily on natural resources.”

Olivia Griffin

“I love that the ag and natural resources industry is comprised of individuals that are passionate about improving the quality, efficiency, and safety of our food and animals. The industry values both the advancement of technology and the people that benefit from it. These factors go hand in hand to advance our communities and create happy and healthy consumers!”

Chip Blalock

“The thing I love about the ag and natural resources industry is the people. People who work in agriculture are the best. They are salt of the earth folks who take great pride in feeding, clothing, and providing shelter and energy for the world!”

Cody Mitchell

“I love having the opportunity to do ag research with multiple companies and providing quality data to better our farming industry as much as possible.”

Who is your special valentine today?

Happy Valentines Day Sunbelt Ag Expo