Water conservation has been at the forefront of research and policy in the Southeast for nearly as long as water has been flowing.  More recently, Reinke Manufacturing and CropX partnered to install CropX field sensors on Reinke irrigation equipment located on the Darrell Williams Research Farm located at the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

In a training held Thursday, April 29, 2021 at the Expo, Mike Mills, Reinke Southeast Territory Manager, and Jeff Burton, CropX Southeast Territory Manager, were on site to install field sensors at different locations around the Research Farm.  Together, CropX and Reinke have more than 80 years of combined experience in research, design and manufacturing effective equipment and sustainable technology for farmers. Specializing in advanced technology that provides recommendations on a variety of factors, CropX uses maps, aerial imagery, weather, modeling, user input and their patented soil sensing technology to accurately predict outcomes. Chip Blalock, Sunbelt Ag Expo Director, said in a statement Thursday, “ This moisture monitoring system allows us to showcase how we can become even better environmental stewards by optimizing our inputs, especially by putting out the right amount of water at the right time which will enhance our yields in the end.”

The Sunbelt Expo is grateful for a long-standing partnership with Reinke Manufacturing. In addition, the Expo is fortunate to have a new relationship with CropX allowing for the sponsorship and installation of new technology available in the use of multiple field sensors. The sensors will allow growers the opportunity to see how they can be empowered with the world’s finest irrigation scheduling, ultimately leading to greater water conservation practices.